Moorhead’s Children Bible Study Class Yields Baptism

Moorehead baptismIt was summer of 2012 when the idea of a Bible study class for children was proposed to the members of Moorhead Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Minnesota by its pastor. The class began in September with seventeen children utilizing the Good News for Today Kids’ Lesson as the study guide.  On Sabbath May 3, 2013, Pastor Fred Crowell baptized the first two fruits of this effort in addition to two adults who were participants in other small group Bible classes. Joyfully, two of the newly baptized members are related: Aubree Nedrebo, an attendee of the children’s Bible class, and her mother, Brianne Nedrebo, who participates in an adult Bible study. Over the past few years, the Moorhead Seventh-day Adventist church has made a concerted effort to encourage members to form Bible classes in their homes and at the church. These small group efforts continue to bear “soul-fruit” for the kingdom.

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