A Word From the President…

Recently, a decision was made by the Conference Board (formerly known as the Executive Committee) to hire one more person back into the office. Some of you will remember that when Claudio and Pamela Consuegra left we hired only one person to fill the vacancy instead of two; so, we lost a position in the office. Justin 20120221CroppedWe then moved Justin Lyons into the position of VP for Administration while he still continued to hold the position of Director of Gift Planning and Trust Services as well as his other responsibilities. Since then we have added 5-6 Pastoral/Bible worker positions, and we felt that it was time to add one more to the office personnel.

Doug InglishConsequently, we have invited Elder Doug Inglish to be the Associate Director for the Gift Planning and Trust Services Department. He has already completed the requirements for certification to work in this capacity. Doug has been the pastor of the Minnetonka Church for the past three years.

It is exciting to look at some of the new positions that we are now able to cover in the office. Doug will also be in charge of the Personal Ministries Department. I have felt for some time that we need more training programs going on in our Conference and Doug will help facilitate those. Also, now that Justin has an associate helping with Gift Planning and Trust Services, he is willing to take on the Sabbath School Department which we have not had covered for some time. Connie McCormick has also accepted the Children’s Ministry Directorship as an additional responsibility.

Hopefully these changes will help us to continue to move forward as we try to finish up the work here in the great state of Minnesota. We praise God for the faithfulness of His saints in this Conference. Keep up the good work!

Ed Barnett

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