pathway burden

I am a traveler of a sorrowful road,
There’s nothing for me here.
The end seems so far away,
The outcome not really clear.

The road is rocky and narrow,
I stumble and I fall.
The burden that I carry,
Is not lifting at all.

Others goad me on,
Waiting to see me break.
Old boyfriends, liars, thieves,
And all the friends that were fake.

They all leave me with a brick,
That I have to bring along.
And no one offers to help,
I just feel so wrong.

I’ve noticed One following me,
With longing in His eyes.
I stop and turn to look at Him,
My eyes wide with surprise.

He walks up to me,
And grabs my hand in His.
He says if I wont ask anyone’s help,
Perhaps He can give me His.

I don’t know if I can trust Him,
For many have led me astray.
As if He’s reading my thoughts,
He says “I will never turn away”.

I know I can’t go on forever,
I will soon have to break,
So I agree with a little hope,
He won’t my heart take.

To my surprise he grabs my burden,
And off my shoulders he takes it.
He puts it on His own shoulders,
But he groans while He lifts it.

I feel light and free,
Full of hope and peace.
I turn to the One who freed me,
I had to thank Him at least.

But when I turned I saw Him fall,
The burden was too much.
He laid back His head and cried out in pain,
And rolled on the ground and such.

I knelt beside Him as He struggled,
Tears falling down my face.
I don’t know why I let Him take it,
That should be only my place.

I started to take it from Him,
But He stopped me with a loud cry.
He did not want me to carry this burden,
He did not even want me to try.

Instead He pointed me to a new road,
One that He used to take.
On His dying breath He said go,
There you will never break.

He died that day,
And the burden is gone.
With tears on my face,
I go to the road He traveled on.

I’m now a traveler of a joyful road,
With all the happiness of God.
I know my destiny it’s so clear,
I am a child of my God.

Rebekah Lee-Jones

e-TNL Staff: Jeff Wines, Director; Carol Lyons, Editor;
Melisa Mauk, Website-editor
E-mail: mnsdanewsletter@gmail.com
Website: http://www.mnsdanewsletter.wordpress.com

e-TNL is an informational bulletin issued by the Communications Department of the Minnesota Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. You are free to re-print any portion of the bulletin without need for special permission. However, we kindly request that you identify e-TNL whenever you publish these materials

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