Sacred Revolution

sacred revolution advertising-1From the four corners of Minnesota, young people gathered at The Edge Christian Worship Center where God waited anxiously to speak to them. The program began at ten in the morning, April 6th, 2013. No one knew how the program would unfold; they just knew that it was going to unfold mysteriously and slowly. Praise music filled the walls of unity and burned like incense to heaven. After the time for musical praise, everyone was told to find someone with the same size shoe, then those two were told to find another two; then the four were told to find another four and then sit down at a table. Instead of being set up in traditional pew rows, the worship center was organized with countless circular tables with eight chairs per table. At the start, tables were mixed with guys, girls and colorful skittles. The purpose of skittles was for the colors to represent questions that would be used at the table for the young people to get to know each other; from singing favorite song lyrics to saying what they wanted to be for the rest of their lives. Tables became close knitted as the questions came and as the message rained on their ears.

Bernie Anderson, pastor in Orlando, Florida and Sacred Revolution’s speaker, spoke about how he struggled with pornography in the first session. He spoke on the emptiness of lust and fullness of love, the goodness of Jesus and darkness of pornographic lies.

Lunch arrived with Burritos, Guacamole, cookies, and chips. As minds were being filled with the presence of the Spirit, Hispanic food was filling stomachs–and it filled them well.

After the delightful food experience, the guys and girls were told to find their best friend of the same sex, then find another pair of the same sex, and finally find another four of the same sex; the purpose was to divide girls and guys because of the conversations that would take place.

Pastor Anderson spoke again about relationships, trust, and one’s future soul mate. The words fell on guys and girls as refreshing and restoring. Then, the young people shared what their ideal mate looks like. Some of the girls mentioned that their ideal man would be, “tall, dark, and handsome” or “sensitive and a good listener.” Some guys said they want a girl with “a good sense of humor” and “good conversation skills.” Laughter was shared and God smiled.

Afterwards, Pastor Anderson shared the damage done to relationships when pornography is in the mind–the sickness and false expectations it creates within the heart. Table-talk resumed and the conversation’s content was on the introduction of pornography into one’s life and how to deal with it or how to help friends involved in it.

Pastor Anderson explained the pain and brokenness that came to his marriage. Trust is extremely essential to relationships with people, spouses, and boy/girlfriends; but most importantly with God. Sex in its proper timing and God-intended purpose is beautiful and ultimately good, but sex and intimacy outside of marriage can cause trust to be nonexistent in relationships. Table-talk followed again and so did a question and answer session. Pastor Anderson answered questions dealing with his personal testimony and questions about purity and relationships.

In summary, God was there. The windows of heaven shouted with joy as the ice of pornographic uncomfortably was broken, spoken about, and addressed. Love and grace grasped the hands of young people and reminded them of a transforming and redeeming power through Christ. The Sacred Revolution ended but a daily, sacred revolution will be forever taking place in the hearts of the youth that attended.

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