“Proclaiming the Power of Pentecost”

“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

Since a couple of months before their marriage which was held at Cambridge SDA church this past March 2013, Robert and Christin Fast-Horse have been taking Bible studies with Pr. Carlos Rodriguez and their lives continued to change for the better; praise the Lord!

This wonderful couple was experiencing their “first love” for Jesus and when they heard about another weekend Revival Seminar held at Hinckley on the 30th of March, they did what was obvious to do for the Lord; attend.

Cambridge March baptismThis couple had already been eager to get baptized for quite some time now and after attending every night during this wonderful revival the opportunity came on Saturday night meeting at the closing of it. To our surprise, the newlywed couple expressed their interest in getting baptized together so their new life could begin together with the Lord, just as their marriage.

Christin’s dad; Ralph Youker, was also another attendee at the revival and he had been attending the Cambridge SDA church for a few months. He had also attended several of our Revelation and Daniel seminars but had not yet taken the decision to be baptized; even though he knew and accepted our beliefs. He also had accepted Jesus in his life as his only Savior and Redeemer as well as the Sabbath as the day of the Lord and memorial of His Creation. Unfortunately, his decision was firm on not getting baptized by immersion. We continued to have him in our prayers and continued to show him brotherly love and just had faith that one day the Holy Spirit was going to work wonders in him. Well, the Holy Spirit touched him in a very special way. When he saw his daughter and son-in-law getting baptized, something just clicked and he felt the need to get baptized and join the church family. He also felt proud to see his son-in-law’s eagerness to reach out to others and see him talk to everyone; coworkers, family members, anybody who came across his path about the Lord and the wonderful sacrifice He made for us.2 Cambridge baptism And so, after he saw this wonderful couple take the plunge, unprepared and without hesitation, he asked Pr. Rodriguez to baptize him that evening. It is wonderful when our church gets prepared for a certain amount of baptisms and suddenly they had to improvise to accept another child of God into the baptismal waters.

The Fast-Horse and Youker families have been a blessing to our church and we are pleased to have them as part of God’s family. May God bless them as they continue to express the gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ to other family members, neighbors and co-workers as God had appointed to each and every one of us in Matthew 28.

Pr. Carlos S. Rodriguez

Hinckley SDA Church, MN

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